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Seasonal: 2020-22



As of the summer 2020, Stanstead would like to welcome all to join us on our Art Walk, a trail of outdoor murals beginning at the Ye Olde Blacksmith Art Gallery, and ending in the heart of our town, the Stone Circle. This "Tour d’Art" includes seven local artists; Sylvia Bertolini, Jean-Nöel Fortin, Allyna Harris, Mair Vaughan Millington, Libbey Griffith, Tosha Callaway, and Farzin Farzaneh, all of whom range vastly in painting style, but whose work shares the common subject of Stanstead’s rural beauty. 


  art walk  

Art Walk - Billboard Map 2022.jpg

This tour presents us with a walking route where we can rediscover the beauty and history of our downtown area. The paintings as a collective not only highlight the geographical, architectural, and botanical features of the Stanstead, but this trail also encompasses many of the town's other local treasures such as the Haskell Library & Opera House, the Banting Holmes Park, the Stone Circle and Saule Village, the Pioneer Trail and more! The project’s sponsor, Farm Credit Canada, as well as its coordinators from the Centre des Arts de Stanstead hope that this interactive art trail allows viewers to learn about and appreciate the nature which surrounds us, all the while having fun too. 

You can find a map of our trail in the Henry Seth Taylor square, on the corner of Notre-Dame Dufferin street.

  find out more about the project's artists:  

Tomifobia River

A stretch of Tomifobia River
Runs through Stanstead
Winding behind trees and brush, 
Gliding under factories and bridges
Statellite views paint

this ancient river
Cerulean blue
Shallow and slow in summer 
Wild and furious in spring
Ever changing, ever flowing
All the way to the sea

Harris - art walk for website.jpg
Allyna Harris

Allyna Harris is a visual artist, musician, composer and the founding director of the Chromondo World Music Choir. She has been exhibiting her paintings since 2011

griffith art walk website.jpg
Libbey Griffith

In a Mirror
It it hard to put a finger on this landmark, the Willow Village. The area is deceptively natural looking but was designed to be both feminine and complement to the masculine Stone Circle. The hut enclosures are soft-looking in summer foliage, but the willows are woven over metal armatures. As a child I would have loved one of these private places to bring a sketchbook and my imagination. 
So, my painting is of an art piece, living sculptures, not a natural landscape. The process of doing this painting drove me to abstraction and the result is therefore not like most of my more realistic work. 
Other paintings by Libbey Griffith can be seen in local galleries and online. 

bertolini art walk website.jpg
 Sylvia Bertolini


Ye Olde Blacksmith forged his ways 

by the river side

Equipped with walls that whisper

rays of colours

as if there is no tomorrow 

The sounds of the river

that repeat hammering of the Blacksmith

invite you to surpass without trespassing 

the limitations of the art

For whom borders and barriers do not exist

Farzin Farzaneh

Farzin Farzaneh is a visual artist and filmmaker based in the Eastern Townships. He has practiced filmmaking, painting, drawing, and photography most of his life and is constantly exploring different art forms and media. His love and passion for the arts is evident in all his artistic endeavours. His films and paintings have been screened and exhibited widely in Canada and abroad. 

mair art walk website.jpg
Mair Vaughan Millington

(514) 214-4353

The Tomifobia has many moods in its course from Holland Pond to Massawippi; churning, sedate, falling and still. Its tumbling temper through this verdant gully is captured in the abstract. I work with oils, glazes, pigment sticks and cold wax, playing with a combination of colours and textures, as well as mark making. I capture the energy, mood, movement, and light in remembering the places I have traveled and walked. 

tosha art walk website (replace).jpg
Tosha Callaway

The Wisdom of Nature;

The Plants which Surround us

Although Tosha has studied art throughout her lifetime, she feels as though she only acquired a deep admiration for painting three years ago, when she began a degree in visual arts at Champlain college. Today, Tosha perceives painting as an outlet of endless possibility; the medium, in harmony with the artist's creative process, informs each viewer's perceptions of nature. Tosha finds beauty in the minute details which are often, and quite easily, overlooked in the bustle of life. 

fortin art walk website (should retake).
Jean-Nöel Fortin

Facebook: Jean-Nöel Fortin

Originally from Magog, I have worked as an artist in the field of visual advertising since 1963, both as a lettering artist and as a logo designer. I have always been drawn to painting, and at the age of 40 I traded in my lettering brushes for paint brushes. Ever since then, I have been painting ceaselessly and often with the motif: ‘Our Surrounding landscapes.’ My workshop is situated at 55 Chemin du Domaine de la Tanière, Canton de Stanstead. 

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Art Walk Pamphlet - Side one, with cover
Art Walk Pamphlet - Side one, with cover
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