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  Current Exhibitions  

​POSTPONED - Estimated Reschedule for August 2023

Five local artists explore their relationship to the spaces which they inhabit. 

Shaune Thompson -  Iconic Montreal

“Photography is a visual love affair with life. Isolating and framing a part of the world in a photograph

 is to evoke an emotion, represent a city or landscape and in the end, tell my story”

Shaune Thompson is a self-taught photographer born and raised in Montreal, Quebec. Known for her cityscape and landscape photography, Shaune’s work captures her love of the light and shadows: the ‘golden hours’ of the early morning, and end of the day that enhance the subject, making each scene unique, immortalizing the image and telling its own story.

Niels Jensen - The View Outside My Door

As a photographer, Niels has long been drawn to the beauty and power of nature. In recent years, he has pursued aerial photography to enable viewers to see the landscape from a perspective that they haven’t traditionally had. One subject that he has explored repeatedly is the Tomifobia River, which runs outside his door. As presented in this series, Niels has observed and photographed the river in every season, trying to capture its ever-changing character.


Diana Callaway - Of Ataraxia

Based in her hometown of Stanstead, Quebec, Diana’s first series of photographs, staged around her childhood home, reenacts family memories through an outsider’s perspective. Now, after completing her first year of studies at Concordia University in Montreal, her newest constellation series explores moments of stillness, and the newfound nighttime tranquility she has discovered in her travels between towns.


Richard Roy - Of the Miscellaneous

“To see what is in front of our eyes demands concentration and constant practice”


                                                                                                         - Freeman Patterson, 1977  



Richard’s love for photography has been with him since he was six years old when his mother, a photographer herself, bought him his first camera. Now living in Stanstead for 40 years, his most recent series, shot with a macro lens, and often using a bellows, captures in extreme close-up the everyday objects that surround him. 

Second Exhibition - Poster NO DATE COPY.jpg

Tosha Callaway - Of the Microcosmic
Tosha’s series documents the journey taken by her grandparents following the mass exodus of anglophones from Quebec in the 1970’s, before they ultimately returned to what would become her hometown of Stanstead, Qc. A marriage of collage, painting, and woodworking, this series integrates both the crafts of my grandparents—my grandfather being an avid whittler and my grandmother being a casual photographer and a serial scrapbooker—with my own beloved medium: painting.


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